Creative Kidnappers

Collaboration with Art Director Martino Spavento.

Brief: Catch the attention of the advertising agency W+K and stand out as a driven, edgy and brave creative team.  

Idea: A few months ago W+K launched a new commercial for Asla Skyr yogurt: The Messenger. The main character is a little Icelandic kid, Orri Sigurdsson, able to deliver messages throughout the whole country thanks to the incredible nutritional power of Asla Skyr yogurt.

We decided to kidnap him.

We created a fake profile on Twitter naming ourselves “Creative Kidnappers” and we posted on W+K’s Twitter page something they could not ignore: a full-on kidnap style picture of Orri Sigurdsson blindfolded and with a newspaper in his hands (The Daily Planet).

The deal was pretty clear: if you want him back, give us a job.

For a whole week we engaged with the MD Neil Christie through various posts, in this disruptive, controversial and borderline creepy adventure.

Then, dressed in black and hidden by sunglasses, we personally delivered a black CK branded envelope to the agency. Inside they would find our blackmail letter and a big, little surprise: a lock of hair from little Orri.

On the back of the letter was our CV.

cv bustablack 01orri 02remember 03no+arla  04Cruel+and+inhuman+way+to+treat+a+child




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