Digital Activation & Social

Brief: With the rise of the price comparison travel sites the risk of losing your customer to competitor is high.

How could Emirates maintain a direct relationship with its passengers in an industry where race to the button pricing dominates?

Idea: Everyone admits that if given more free-time, they would travel more. However economic, domestic, and working obligations don’t allow this to come to fruition.

My idea was to invite users to create their digital alter-egos to discover places and cultures in every part of the world 24/7. 
Users would receive updates and pictures of their avatars’ trips through Private Message, and would be invited to allow the app to post the content on their walls. If they accepted, they would receive a 1-day promo code to get a discount on the flights for the destination that their alter-ego has been visiting. At the end of each trip, the alter-ego would send the user a souvenir typical of the destination, so that twice a month the users would find a postcard from “themselves”, with a precious little gift from anywhere in the world.