Collaboration with Art Director Martino Spavento

Brief: One month after the result of Brexit Referendum, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan invited creatives and agencies to submit strategic media ideas and visual responses to a new open-brief campaign declaring London open for business, innovation, and culture. The open brief came in response to widespread concerns that global businesses, media companies, and creatives would leave the capital in the wake of Brexit, and it sought not only to secure the capital’s ongoing status as a global city through maintaining business and enterprise but also promoting culture, creativity, and innovation.

Sadiq Khan: “It is more important than ever to show that our city is united, and the capital will continue open for business and open to the world. I’m asking that you join me in spreading this message of inclusiveness and openness and to get behind our #Londonisopen movement by providing brilliant creative content that can be shared by all Londoners, using your own social media reach, or supporting this initiative in other ways.”

Idea: Our concept has been inspired by the reaction of our British friends to the result of the Referendum. They were shocked, upset and almost embarrassed by the decision of their country. So we decided to weight on the feelings of hurt of all those British Londoners who entirely disagreed with the vote, and make them the protagonists and creators of an incredibly inclusive and strategically conceived campaign.

We Are Not Londone subhead

We created a call to arms ad, on which we invited the British citizen to “sponsor” one or many non-British people they knew. They could do so by giving wholehearted reasons why those foreigners needed to REMAIN: because of their emotional bond with them, because of their professional admiration for them or simply because they still have a lot to give to this city and this city has still a lot to give to them.


They could apply their “sponsorship” through uploading a video message or a photo plus written comment on the #LondonIsOpen website, or also on their social media channels with the double hashtag #LondonIsOpen and #WerenotLondone.

Every sponsorship had to start with the formula “I’m *name, I’m a British Citizen and London is Open to *name of the person/people they are sponsoring…” and it would not just celebrate the foreigners in London as a great resource for the city, but it would also glorify London like the city where everything could still happen.


Every response would be exhibited on the #LIO website, and the best ones would become the primary object of the campaign, being showcased across the capital’s government and cultural social media platforms as well as physical media spaces around the city.

Our design has been shortlisted from over 100 submissions and showcased in the exhibition space at City Hall throughout September. It has also been listed on the Major of London’s website, www.london.gov.uk, and shared via their social media channels.