Brief: After their personalisation campaign, whose originality has been questioned by advertising professionals as well as consumers, Nutella wanted to step up their game and connect more profoundly with their customers, while dazzling the market with a unique big idea.

Idea: Using the same technology that enables the popular Mood Rings to change colour in response to temperature, we transformed Nutella’s pots in “Mood-Pots“: an incredibly interactive packaging concept that brought Nutella’s marketing to the next level.


Consumers would be invited to post a selfie with the mood-pot on their social media. In the caption, they would be asked to write the hashtag #IFeelNutella and an emoji that would describe their feeling.



The hashtag would enable us to detect their posts, and thanks to a special emoji-reader we would be able to analyse the emojis and collect them as “mood-data” for the Nutella’s mood radar, the real star of this “hypersensitive” campaign.


Through the radar, in fact, Nutella would be able to track their consumers’ feelings all over the country, and respond, either locally or on the social media, to put any negative impressions right and cheer on any positive ones.

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