Brief: Give a concept and an identity to a new deep house party in Milan called q|LAB.

Idea: The name q|LAB stands for “quality laboratory”. With this in mind, I imagined q|LAB as a laboratory where every Friday night four researchers would study a different human behaviour, skill, and characteristic for a secret purpose.

I named the concept “Under Analysis”.

Each month I chose an area of human nature (Body, Sight, Instinct, Heart, Language) and every week I planned a differentexperiment”, related to the area of the month, that could engage and entertain the crowd.

For the experiment ‘Blood‘ (Heart Area) we had syringes filled with red alcohol shots; we had 3D projections for the experiment ‘3D‘ (Sight Area); and we hosted a design exposition with human-shaped artworks for the experiment ‘Design‘ (Body Area).

Flyers advertised the weekly theme whilst a promo video at the beginning of every month conveyed the Area that would be featured.


Under Analysis_1

Under Analysis_2Under Analysis_3

3rd Season

The year after, I unveiled that the secret purpose of the researchers who were analyzing humans during the previous season was to create a being who could go beyond human limits.

Overhuman” became our new concept, but what could this creature’s name be? According to Hesiod’s Theogony the first God that ever existed was called ‘Chaos‘. And the story began.

I created an allegory merging mythical, religious and post-modern tones about the limits of the human condition and the consequences of going beyond them. Every Friday a new chapter told the story illustrated by different artists. All the 34 chapters became collectible fanzines, and once a month a new video told the epic ‘History of Chaos“.


Chapter 2 • The Red and the Blue •

We created him in a laboratory after having analysed the human kind. We wanted a creature that exceeded human beings, but what came into existence went beyond the divine.

Capitolo 2

Chapter 4 • The XXVth hour •

And when he chanced upon the concept of time he took a few steps back. Then he took a watch which read 12 p.m. and added another hour so that he could dance.

Capitolo 4

Chapter 5 • The slumber of the stars •

On his first night we discovered that he couldn’t sleep. We tried to teach him how to count the stars, but his gaze made them explode into a cluster of crazed light.
Capitolo 5

Chapter 7 • Fugitive • The first tear

Alarmed by his turmoil we put him back in his cell. He read into our silence and cried a tear of fire.

Capitolo 7

6th Season

The sixth season fell in 2016: a year particularly shaken by humanitarian tragedies and socio-political struggles all over the world. Relying on the authority we had achieved with our communication, we decided not to be oblivious to what was happening outside our club/laboratory, but to engage with it, daring to give an answer to one heartfelt global question:

“What if we could give the world a new beginning?”

Uploading Eden” became the new concept and q|LAB changed gear again transforming its dancefloor into the womb of a futuristic Eden in fieri. Every Friday night we progressed by engaging the crowd with art performances, projectionsdeep house music and entertaining activations, guiding them through the uploading process of a brand new paradise.