Urban Art Project

Collaboration with Art Director Martino Spavento

The Other Eye is a social commentary photography project aimed at raising awareness and provoking discussion on London’s most significant social, political and economic issues. Every idea is showcased on Instagram @theothereyeldn








London: 8.539.000 people gathered inside her smoggy womb to pursue dreams of greatness. A gargantuan organism where everyone is running and one eye is watching. A gigantic iris, set where the Ben is ticking and the Thames is flowing, representing the opulence of the promised land. But every eye has a double as every truth has two sides, so where is the other? And what does it see? 
The London Eye got red*. Clear the Smoke with The Other Eye.


Graphic Manifesto 


Road to Brexit

On the 12th of June, we have expressed our opinion over the Brexit Referendum by drawing a path which started, not unintentionally, at the London Eye, and led the way to Brexit.

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Despite our effort, the UK voted out. So, after the bewildering result of the Brexit referendum, we decided to examine and showcase its effects on the British society, by showing shocking pictures of a hypothetical London Post-Brexit.

#1 – The Big (Dreams) Issue.

One year after.

1.268.501 votes speared the fate of the United Kingdom dividing the country, damaging its economy and harming its future. The job market, which had already shrunk several months before the vote, has almost ground to a standstill begging for some answers.

Reduced opportunities and increased unemployment are now more than ever a hard reality that professionals, foreigners or not, are struggling to overcome. No longer are the “have nots” just the poor or uneducated. No longer are they the only Big Issue* of the nation. The graduate and the drop-out stand side by side in the fight for survival.

Rejection, humiliation, and failure are now feelings familiar to the majority, and redefine the future of the inhabitants of the Promised Land, which now seems to be turning into the land of the broken promises.

*The Big Issue is a magazine published on behalf of and sold by homeless or vulnerably housed people.